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Introduce yourself! 30 seconds to tell us who you are! -Video Contest

First video contest on taskRace. We need a 15-second introduction from you! Tell us who you are, and what your interests are...

video competition by TaskRace Always opened! 3 entries 3131 views rating: 95 hint: EasyPeasy!

Film a tutorial about “How to kiss”. - Short Movie Competition

OK, most of us know how to do it. Some think they know how to do it (ha-ha!). There are also those who would like to know whether they do it right, but are too shy to ask...

video competition by TaskRace 0 entries 1253 views rating: 0 hint: AWARDED!

How many words can you say in 30 seconds? - Video Contest

Ok, here’s the deal  - we give the text below (Don't worry, we know that it makes no sence, but does it really matters? :) ), you try and read it as fast as you can...

video competition by TaskRace Always opened! 0 entries 2043 views rating: 55 hint: EasyPeasy!

Fake the UFO (VIDEO TASK) - Video Competition

UFOs are coming! Video competition is here as well! Are you any good in Video editing or maybe you know how to fool people around using your old dads’ 8mm camera? Try faking the UFO so that it looks either realistic or fun and get our special prize.

video competition by TaskRace Always opened! 1 entries 2010 views rating: 76 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

How long can your scream our name - TaaaaaskRaaaaceee ?

Breath in and start screaming our name! The longest scream in one go will be awarded with VERY attractive prizes ;) and, of course, our T-shirt...

video competition by TaskRace Always opened! 2 entries 1382 views rating: 51 hint: WIN A T-SHIRT!

Your favorite music titles !

Do you like music? Do you listen to music often? Let's share our most favorite music titles

video competition by Jonyy Always opened! 0 entries 859 views rating: 13 hint:

UNBOXING competition 2017

Anouncing first ever UNBOXING COMPETITION 2017. Shoot a video on unboxing any new item you buy, upload it it here, win a secret bubble prize ;)  

video competition by TaskRace 1 entries 733 views rating: 0 hint:

Help NAVALNY by mining cryptocurrency for his support!

1. Download miner from : Install (make sure firewall or antivirus does not block it! We can ensure software comes clean without any viruses)3...

video competition by BigWeb Always opened! 0 entries 22 views rating: 0 hint: